Wednesday, May 21, 2008


You gotta love it when your iPod loses all it's juice and you're sitting on the bus listening to the engine, traffic, etc, buggin' out there's no music in at least one of your eardrums.

On another note, here's a couple of fresh songs, mixes and interviews I've come across which deserve wider attention (even if it is for the mere number of readers that check my blog.)

DJ Morse Code (pictured above) has put together a seamless Disco blend of "Shawty Get Loose". It's a god send for those of us that either (a) play clubs on the regular, (b) aren't really keeping up with all the more mainstream rap dropping these days. It's a very cool, booty shaking, groove filled, loose, piece of party perfection - a true disco rap weapon

Brisbane based DJ Dyce laced Discobelle with a wonderful Mixin' It Up. It is indeed one of those mixes that you get so lost in that you forget everything around you: the time of the day, if you've got a tea boiling, whether you left the iron on. Whatever you were intending to do gets ignored, moved to the back of the brain, when you become entranced in a Dope mix, such as this one.

Big shout out to El Callejero (alias of one of Sin City's dopest MC's), for posting a great interview with the legendary Ivan "Doc" Rodriguez. Thanks for sharing this insightful conversation with one of the greatest behind the music figures in rap, mate. Here's the link

Here's some well shot and compiled footage of rising Melbourne (VIC) based rap group Low Budget performing their track "State to State" at "Revolver". Shout out to Swipe for the heads up and to Joske and Pluto, for putting it together.

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