Thursday, May 22, 2008

Artist spotlight: Y-Love

Dynamic, hungry Brooklyn based Black Orthodox Jewish MC Yitz Jordan's (Y-Love) new album is entitled "This Is Babylon". He's been featured in publications as diverse as URB, XXL, through to Italy's La Repubblica. Truly revolutionary in what he's delivering to the listener through his lyrics, Jordan rhymes are a mixture of English, Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin. He is also the first MC to collaborate with the two top Israeli and Palestinian rappers Shaanan Street Hadag Nachash and Sameh “Saz” Zakout, making Y-Love the first Hasidic man in history to bring the Israel-Palestinian conflict to a musical collaboration on compact disc.

Take a listen to the following feature on Y-Love on Public Radio International's "The World" program.

"This Is Babylon" is a diverse, tempo-varying, rewarding, challenging listen. It's an album which needs to be listened to in whole to comprehend it's significance, importance and depth...

This is what one of the scribes at URB magazine had to say about "This Is Babylon":

“...a conscious intermixing of several languages...laced over uplifting beats that combine quite impeccably to serve as a soundtrack to social progression...Y-Love comes across as a proud individual with deep-rooted beliefs who is not only self aware, but socially aware as well.”

Here's a couple of tracks from "This Is Babylon":

Bring it on Down

State of the Nation

New Disease

Album stream: Full album stream

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