Sunday, May 18, 2008

Straight Outta Belgium

I wanted to send a shout out to Alex Deforce. A while back he sent me an email about some very cool video interviews / pieces he's doing on a littany of icons / rising stars in street / youth culture. From upcoming Californian based Hip Hop / Experimental / Indie music producer Flying Lotus through to legendary art and anthropology photographer, documentarian, historian Martha Cooper. His site is On Point. Take a visit and give him a pound for the time and effort he's putting in to these interviews.

Here's the part one of the interview with Martha Cooper he did, conducted at the booksigning session of "Street Play" at Mr Ego, Brussels, Belgium.

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Anonymous said...

Whatupdoe? Alex is good peeps. At least, so far in my world.

I dig the blog. I reference it from time to tim as I'm sure you have noticed.

I wanted to share something special with you as well and hope that if you think it's worthy, you would what you would do for any worthy content.


Appreciate it. Stay up and don't hesitate to holler any time.