Sunday, September 2, 2007

Be on the lookout

Yes that's right, the rap blog that takes no shorts, has always had the interview thing on lock. Keep your eyes peeled for future features on The Skinny Boys, Big Daddy Kane, Percee-P, Kurious Jorge. The aforementioned site also has a dope Brand Nubian track up right now. You should go and listen to it.

Related: Here are a few videos I found on You Tube of a couple of the artists whom are mentioned above. Thanks to everyone who had the incentive to put these up in the first place.

Firstly going back to 1990 for this next classic, y'all know the track name

Next up a classic from a year earlier courtesy of 'Superman' Jay, 'Shockin' Shaun Harrison and Jacques 'Jock' (CT represent)

While on the subject of rap, here's a ill video compilation package on the legendary DJ Premier

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