Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rap Video Barrage

Props to ElCallejero for posting the You Tube links to many of the following video clips (lots of classics) over at the Stealth magazine forum.

Mellow Man Ace- "Rhyme Fighter"

Rob Base - "Turn It Out"

Special Ed - "The Magnificent"

The Afros - "Feel It"

Kid N Play - "Energy"

Kings Of Swing - "Nod Your Head to this"

Special Ed -"The Mission"

Def Jef - "Black to the future"

Style- "The Assassinator"

K Solo - "Spellbound"

EPMD -"I'm Mad"(Live at the Apollo)

Yomo & Maulkie - "Mama Don't"

King Tee - "At your own risk"(Marley Marl remix)

West Coast All Stars -"We're all in the same gang"

King Tee - "Bass"

Main Source - "Peace is not the word to play"

Raw Fusion - "Rockin to the p.m."

Biz Markie - "What comes around goes around"

YZ - "Tower with the Power"

J Rock - "Save the Children"

The Future Sound - "What's a Bro to do"

Dana Dane - "Tales from the Daneside"

D-Nice presents:True Hip Hop Stories-Dana Dane

Third Bass - "Product of the Environment"(Marley Marl remix)

Embedding disabled by request

Lord Finesse ft. Sadat x,Large Professor & Grand Puba - "Actual Facts"

Lord Finesse - "Return of the Funky Man"

Double XX Posse - "Not gonna be able to do it"

Steady B - "Serious"(BDP remix)

BDP - "Duck Down"

KMD - "Peach Fuzz"

KMD - "Who Me?"

Positive K - "Carhoppers"

Embedding disabled by request

Positive K - "Step Up Front"

Positive K - "Nightshift"

Embedding disabled by request

DJ 3rd Rail - Positive K routine on WNUR 89.3FM

Saafir - "Light Sleeper"

Top Quality - "Magnum Opus"

Embedding disabled by request

Erule - "Listen up"

Lords of the Underground - "Here Come the Lords"

Lords of the Underground - "Chief rocka"

The Wascals - "The Dips"

Tim Dog & KRS One - "I get wrecked"

Embedding disabled by Ruffhouse

Odd Squad - "I can't see it"

Fu-Schnickens - "What's up doc?"

Brothers uv da blackmarket - "Not you again"

Brokin English Klik - "Hardcore beats"

Da Youngsta's - "Wild Child"

Delinquent Habits - "Here come the horns"

The Whooliganz - "Put ya hands up"

Raw Breed - "Rabbit Stew"

Rough House Survivors - "Rough House"

Lords of Brooklyn - "Saturday night fever"

Mad Flava - "Feel the flava"

Bonus Links: Check out the Eight page thread over at the Low-Bee board on 1990's Rap (lots of jewels posted here).

Robbie at Unkut spoke to Kurious Jorge, whose classic, essential A Constipated Monkey (1994) album, just got reissued with a bunch of essential demo tracks included, through Amalgam Digital.

Kurious Jorge - "I'm Kurious"

Noz @ Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes and Stretch Armstrong @ Konstant Kontact also have a tonne of posts (with plenty of audio links) on classic, obscure late eighties and early nineties rap for days.

Fat Lace magazine has been online for a while now under the Rawkus network and is killing it too.

Unrelated: A mate of mine is trying to work out the name of the following track used in the New Music Seminar MC Battle (during Craig G vs Supernatural). Because he's had no luck so far after asking a bunch of people, I thought I'd post it up here, just in case someone knows what it is. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Audio link above has expired.

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