Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rare these days

It seems that the overwhelming majority of music produced, released, promoted and performed over the last few years has no lasting value what so ever.

The tendency to seek out new music has overshadowed (for me personally) the ability to care about more than half - none of what i hear (choose a genre).

Next to everything on radio and music video programs alone sounds like noise reminiscent of a broken car alarm.
I'm always asking how in the hell did all these people get a record deal.

The public still consume what they're fed, similar to lemmings following each other to a cliff face.

It's hard too not to get frustrated with how consumer based every single subculture that started out as (a voice of expression for groups of people who didn't fir the norms of society at the time) has become. You feel like saying regardless of how many pairs of shoes, pieces of clothing, records, pieces of equipment you accumulate, looks that you emmulate does not make you part of the culture you are trying so desperately hard to be a part of, whatever that may be.

Life is too short not to be anything but yourself.

Moving on, here is a slow rolling, beautifully potent, open road cruising track from Gravenhurst I stumbled across this morning.

Trust (Courtesy of Mojo 4 Music).

Gravenhurst is a solo project of lead singer Nick Talbot.

Talbot has been making music for several years.

'The Western Lands' (Gravenhurst's 5th album) is out in September on the 'Warp' label.

Here is an interview from the 2nd of this month, with Talbot from Eardrums Music.

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