Saturday, August 4, 2007

Foundations (trailer)

Figure most have already seen the trailer, so this is for those who haven't.

Film synopsis below (courtesy of Groove Effect).

'Foundations is an upcoming documentary about the art, graffiti, music, and club scene in 1980s New York. Post-disco era NYC was a lot different than it is today...for example, Times Square wasn't a giant shopping mall, it was the center of Hell's Kitchen and full of seedy porn theaters. Despite all this - or perhaps because of it - the NYC of the 80s would go on to define America's pop culture landscape like no other city had before.

I mean think about it - hip hop, new wave, punk, garage music, graffiti culture, and modern club culture all have deep roots in NYC. Many of these movements have gone global, so in some sense the NYC of the 80s quite literally changed the world.

Just got word from DJ / Producer Shan Boogie that this is his project - check his site here. According to the email, Shan has been working on this project for about a year and a half now and hopes to have a rough cut ready by September for festivals if all goes well. Definitely keep an eye out for it'.

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