Thursday, August 2, 2007

Check The Technique is essential reading

(Image courtesy of Wax Facts).

Occupied reading the above. It's hard to describe how eye opening and groundbreaking Brain Coleman's 'Check The Technique' is.

Definitely a must read.

Coleman's latest effort is full of recollections of how songs came together, events that determined, made / broke their success, decisions made, opinions, samples, descriptions of how releases were crafted, artists recollecting how groups, producers and artist, project managers felt about these records overall, their environment while making a song or an album, the importance of radio play (in determining a song's mainstream success), peers reactions to certain songs, to name a few topics discussed and recollected in this exhaustive book.

'Check The Technique is an indepth look at 36 timeless releases (some may argue with some of the albums chosen).

That alone should be enough inspiration to anyone even remotely interested in this culture, to go find this one.

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