Friday, November 28, 2008

The truth is

Here's the trailer for Jonathan Blitstein's debut film about the trials and tribulations of a couple of generation why folks playing out their day to day lives and the aspirations, doubts and mistakes that cloud at times, color their actions, intentions and at times inertia. It's a satire of the movements and motivations of these NYC East Villagers all of whom are searching a sense of real happiness. You can't help but smile while watching a film where the tag line is "find your calling". That's the universal ideal for everyone, as blatantly obvious as it may seem at times.

I have been listening to a lot of house, disco, electro and techno lately, the umbrella term would be dance music. Why does music need labels attached? What constitutes good music is going to be different to everyone, dependent on the styles they identify with, relate to and dig. Here is a range of snippets of and links to tunes on repeat. If one person hears a track they had not heard before and enjoys it, then there is a purpose to letting people out there know about some cool tracks, mixes every so often.

Part of soundtrack as of late:

Matrix feat DJ Slice - Jam (It's time) - Jam City
DMX Krew - Radio Bliss - Turbo
Nacho Lovers - Acid Life (Eli Escobar remix) - Fools Gold
Norrit - Feel the Rhythm - Think 2wice
The Embassy - Lurking (Tensnake remix) - Permanent Vacation
Arcadion - Ghost Feeder - DC Recordings
Eli Escobar - Fucking around with records mix

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