Monday, August 4, 2008

Classic rap mix

(Pic from The Angry Citizen)

These mixes are the result of being inspired by the recent Hip Hop sets posted by DJ Mike B of LAX's Banana Split night on his blog and a DJ J-Smoke mixtape, not to mention all the classic tracks themselves. Anyhow, here's this mix from this weeks Mothership Reconnection podcast I co-host with DJ Myme 01. Look out for the Ultramags "Feelin It" section were there's a blackout (literally), haha. One other notable thing about this mix, the first ten or so minutes were done while the two dogs in the place (ones that bark, not those referred to in rap), were running back and forth in between the 1 and 2's and the vinyl used in this mix. You have to laugh, I did.

There's also a similar hour long mix of the same, I've done for a Latvian mix site, I'll throw that up here when, if they up it?

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