Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not Quite Hollywood exclusive Sydney screening

In such politically correct times, a film about the history of Aussie exploitation films with plenty of gore, exploding zombies, car chases, scantily clad women and kung-fu interspread throughout is a welcome antidote to the cotton wool, offend no one culture which seems to have turned many ordinary larrikins of all races here into boring, drab, lifeless saps. Folks need to lighten up and realise that not everyone subscribes to their holier than thou, moral beliefs.

Anyway, the team at Popcorn Taxi are screening "Not Quite Hollywood" on the 13th August at Greater Union cinemas in Bondi Junction. If you're in Sydney, you should go and check it out (you'll need to buy tickets in advance though, cause Popcorn Taxi screenings often sell out in advance). It will be a cool night, both literally (if this weather keeps up) and metaphorically.

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