Monday, June 9, 2008

Check out the tracklisting on this set.....

Browsing the My Space bulletins, I came across the following blog from a favourite producer / musician of mine, the man who has been said by Ty G of HVW8 to have "almost single handedly brought the Boogie scene to life in LA", he goes by the name of Dam - Funk. Well written, it's a glimpse into his recent set at one of LA's dopest parties "the DO-OVER"....

Dam - Funk take it away....

"So, this was a pretty cool hit this past Sunday at one of L.A.'s freshest parties known as the DO~OVER, which is run by Haycock & Strong + hosted by Aloe Blacc. I went on after the homie KUTMAH (Much luv 4 droppin' "Burgundy City"!), who played an excellent set by the way. My set was all Boogie & Funk styles (also known as: Boogie-Funk) via the 'original wax pressings'. It's a trip sometimes playing this style outside of my own spot; Funkmosphere and other like minded parties/venues around the country right now, due to the fact that Hip-Hop is still the most dominant form of 'party music', if you will, out there for the weekend club goer. Nevertheless, I stayed true to what I dig and enjoy sharing with the people...all the way thru. As I approached the tables, as I always do, never planning a set in advance (ie. what I'm gonna play) I decided to drop these joints for the DO~OVER crowd. From the vibes of the people who were 'really there for the music', as well as straight party on this afternoon/evening, it felt like everything worked out real cool.

Props 2 ALL the ladies in the house & MUCH luv 2 the entire DO~OVER fam!

Here are the grooves below.

D-F :: The Do~Over complete set list 4 U (in order)

1 SUGARHILL GANG - Hot Hot Summer Day (Instrumental Ver) / '80
2 TEASE - Baby Be Mine / '86
3 TOM BROWNE - Bye Gones / '81
4 TOM BROWNE - Thighs High / '81
5 FATBACK - Keep Your Fingers Out The Jam / '81
6 MIGHTY FIRE - Take It To The Hoop - LA Lakers / '82
7 HARVEY MASON - On And On - '81
8 ELITE - Rock The House Pt 2 / '80
9 OMNI - Body Groove (Dub Mix) / '83
10 SINNAMON - I Need You Now / '83
11 MIDNIGHT EXPRESS - Danger Zone / '83
12 IZ ARMY - The Bomb / '83
13 AURRA - Make Up Your Mind / '82
[Peep AURRA 'LIVE' on Soul-Train doing "Make Up Your Mind" here]
14 PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION - 17 Days / '84 (For Prince's B-Day!)
15 SOUTH BRONX - The Big Throwdown / '81 (Instrumental Ver)
16 GRAINGERS - Shine Your Light (Instrumental Ver)
17 EDDIE SKI WHITE - Baby Be Mine (Dry) / '8?
18 MF DOOM - My Favorite Ladies (MADLIB Saturday Remix) / '04
19 ONE WAY - Get Up / '81
20 GODMOMA - Godmoma Here / '81
21 PYRAMID PLUS - Comin' At Ya' / 8?

If you're in LA anytime soon, you should definitely check Dam-Funk doing his thing, holding it down at the Funkmosphere party...

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