Thursday, October 4, 2007

Loose Ends

Hope your Friday is going swimmingly. In Sydney,the sun is out and the temperature is rising. Well, 2007 is nearly a wrap. What have been the highlights for you? How many of you out there have made mistakes this year? How many of you are genuinely happy with what you’re doing and where you’re going in life? How many of you are on the way to be content? How many are already there?

I miss doing radio – can you tell? In an attempt to recapture those days, here are a few cool tunes for the ride, Boom Box or Ipod. Please note: All tracks play in zShare / Quicktime

First up, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke’s seminal House classic ‘Intro’ - euphoric is a word that spring to mind!
Listen/Label/Year: Credence, 2000
Alen Braxe's My Space
Fred Falke's My Space

Brazilian songstress Bebel Gilberto blesses the Sydney Opera House tonight, so here is a re up of her brilliant track ‘O Caminho’.
Listen/Label/Year: Six Degrees, 2004
Bebel Gilberto's My Space

Anyone heard from Kwest Tha Madd Lad lately? His debut album, the appropriately titled ‘This Is My First Album’ definitely had some classic joints on it (You may remember Funkmaster Flex on his July 4th Nineties Hip Hop marathon mix saying “Wow”, when a listener called in and requested some). On ‘I Met My Baby At V.I.M.’, Kwest recollects how he met his main squeeze while buying some Puma sneakers over a slow rolling Dan Charnas beat.
Listen/Label/Year: American, 1996

“Make It Happen” is a timeless track from the late nineties. Hailing from Flatbush, Brooklyn, J-Treds (then member of NY collective the Indelible MC’s) blesses Supe & Kan’s piano laced production.
Listen/Label/Year: Fondle ‘Em, 1998

Produced by D-Maq and Lay Law (who should need no introduction), Ice Cube’s – ‘Growin’ up’ is a hard, nostalgic, heartfelt look back at Cube’s rap journey to date.
Listen/Label/Year: Lench Mob Records, 2006
Ice Cube's My Space

'Growin’ up' filmclip:

Props to zirak 90 for the video

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