Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nas flowing effortlessly again

Track of the week is Kenna ft Nas - The Deafest 1's" (audio courtesy of Eskay). "The Deafest 1's" was supposed to be on Kenna's album "Make Sure They See My Face". The track slams on it's own, but when Nas spits his verse, it's over.

Speaking of Nas, another guest appearance where he tears as it up, is alongside his pops (the triple O.G. musician/songwriter Olu Dara) on "Freedom Jazz Dance" (audio courtesy of Eskay via Fletch). "Freedom Jazz Dance" is off the Miles Davis remix ep - Evolution of the Groove (released to celebrate Davis's 81st birthday on May the 26th of this year).

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On You Tube: Miles Davis & John Coltrane - "So What" (1958)

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