Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guest post from Drew

Here is a list from good friend and past contributor to this space, Drew Donikian’s favourite (2010 discovered) tunes, with explanations as to why he chose the following:

Cane - Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson (Album: Secrets) 1978 - A track I've given some spin to over the year. I look at it as a 78 classic based on a poem by Jean Toomer "Cane". The track is self-explanatory. Nothing is addressed subliminally, racism, slavery and suppression. This track reminds me how strong some people are (because they have to be) and how weak others are, and it is portrayed in the following line.... "She looked to us for help and we all turned away". With constant percussion, powerful lyrics, laced with mellow blues guitar, which tells a melancholy story itself within the song.

Horace Andy - You Are My Angel (Album: You Are My Angel) 1973 - A slow panty wetter from 1973 that keeps the head nodding. Not the most famous release by Horace Andy, but something I'd like to remix sometime soon as I dig it a fair bit and got regular plays in 2010.

Golden Lady - Stevie Wonder (Album: Innervisions) 1973 - My Dad would tell me I’m joking, if I was honest with him and said that this is my favourite track off Innervisions and not Livin' For the City, Too High or Higher Ground with that funky walking bass line that use to permeate my mind whenever I'd attempt to focus on something, but Golden Lady is. basic lyrics, sexy vocals and music that compliments the vocal arrangement perfectly. Jose Feliciano also drops a mean version...si segnor!


Secret Agent - Tony Allen (Album: Secret Agent) 2009 - Fela Kuti's main man on the drums dropped another stellar album last year, though I didn't pick it up till early 2010. Killer guitar riffs throughout, chant backing vocals (so prominent in Nigerian Funk and Afro Beat music) adds a nice touch and of course Tony's drum breaks are nothing short of dance floor burning material backed with short stabs and brass that flows for longer that seals can hold their breath underwater. Secret Agent rocks.

Smilin' (While You're Crying) - The Poet's Of Rhythm (Album: Discern Define) 2001 - Just discovered this crew last year and have been tracking down their material ever since. Just listen to this track and you'll agree it deserves a spot on this list.


Unbroken, Unshaven - The Budos Band (Album: The Budos Band III) 2010 - Brass, brass, brass, funk, funk, funk…. Another great Daptone release that I just want to drink and dance to. Not their best track on the latest album (musically). Yet the key’s, brass and drums align like the sun, moon and stars. In saying that, this jam would bring any dancer to any floor.

Crystals - Ronn Forella (Album: Moves) Year unknown - No doubt one of the best tracks I've heard this year. I heard it on the radio (believe it or not) and needed it instantly. Top 10 things you must do in life, here is two of them: Get this album (this track especially) and never let that condom in your wallet expire! If you complete these tasks, you will, live a content and fulfilling life ;)

Sweet Thang - Shuggie Otis (Album: Inspiration Information) 1974 - Really love this track that I slept on 8 years back when I discovered Shuggie Otis in my old mans record collection. and this year it's in regular rotation. Reminds me of sitting at a bar sipping an Espresso Martini and this amazing sexed up vixen enters the room, her scent and seductiveness drives the patrons, staff and myself insatiably wild. The backdrop, (of this venue) switches to pitch black then the spotlight hits her, Shuggie's guitar sets the mood and the next move. Such a sweet thang!

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