Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Between a ridiculous internet bill, recently cracked screen phone, looming election, job applications, my addiction to Jules Verne's ....80 Days, lots of films, consuming assorted classics like they're going out of style, here's a list of tunes that are keeping me sane right now. I may do this daily from now on, we'll wait and see. Comments, suggestions, opinions, questions welcome.

Super Soaker - Wavves - Got to be the favorite track of that new King Of The Beach LP right now. You can hear a somewhat Psych influence amongst the atypical style of thee Wavves usual sound. There's something about this record that rules. Makes we want to swim out past the white water and go surfing or go skateboarding or just jump around, party, consume alcohol with like minded folks.

They're All F***ed - Yes We Canberra team b.k.a The Chaser. Yeah we've got an election coming up, while the right to vote is not a joke, I think this song pretty much suns up what a lot of people who are going to hit the polls this Saturday, feel about politicians out here, what they're promising, their policies, their honesty, etc. It's a parody that I don't really need to hear again any time soon, but the song still generates a smirk.

Put It On Wax - Ozi Batla: Next to Joyride, this has to be the most spun tune off the Batla's kinda new Wild Colonial album. On a side note, Gotta say I'll always prefer vinyl to MP3's and Wavs. Back to the track, Sandro made a slamming (can't believe I still use that word) beat, DJ Bonez cut up some mid - eighties rap in the intro, chorus's and to close out the track. A good combination: Ozi Batla, Sandro, DJ Bonez - A good combination.

Real World - Husker Du: Got to give credit to Congo Rock for this one. This was one of the tracks featured on his (The Furious Years) edition of the Fools Gold record label podcast, which is blaring out the window now. For a while this mix was on repeat from start to finish, but it's the kind of music that makes you mad at the world, even more than you probably already are. Anyhow, this track from Husker Du is from their 1983 Metal Circus EP and it's a bomb.

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