Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pick up the pace

In a euphoric state hearing these tracks for the 1st time....

Sly T and Ollie J - Underground Confusion (Original mix)

Luxury II - The Silencer

The Joker - Yeah Yeah Yeah

London Steppers - Thru The Vibe

(Shout out to mickeybeam75 for throwing these monsters up)

So here's the deal, it's 2010 and after hearing a bunch of hardcore, rave and jungle tunes (in mixes from Hudson Mohawke, Skream and Benga and Zomby) that had me saying damn - what was that tune, forcing me to go back and discover a myriad of out of control party music madness from the early nineties, that cause I never went to raves or was searching for this type of music when it was originally popping, never knew about until now. The quest continues....

That 4 Hero and DJ Marky compiled Kings of Drum and Bass comp on BBE is molten lava, is gonna be on repeat for some time.

Tonight here in Syn Citee @ the Phoenix Bar:

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