Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Need to write, I don’t particularly care about the subject right now. Perhaps it is due to that coffee I just had, the strength of it, perhaps its the fact that Dorian Concept’s face melter “Trilingual Dance Sexperience” (go listen to that here now, if you haven’t already) is smashing the speakers powering me on and forward. Devo’s “Freedom of Choice” began the day, a recent discovery in full. Yeah, I heard “Whip It” then later “Freedom of Choice” then I saw the video with all the skaters emerging out of the screen. Also remember them programming a show out here called “Rage”.

Anyhow “Freedom of Choice” is a classic, you knew that, right? Referring to the whole classic albums thing for a second, DJ Spider (1st heard of him through LA based group Move.meant) said recently (saw it when I had a Twitter account), “Remember when you used to listen to albums all the way through”, so I ask, do you? What was the group and album? What was it about it that kept your attention while in its grip?

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