Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Have not watched television in three days and three may well turn into four. Drinking, listening to tunes, hanging out with good people at my friends joint clothing label launch, more on that shortly. That is what was happening yesterday evening. Now compare that to plumping yourself in front of the box after a day in the office, consuming junk, fast food and brew after brew or drop after drop and then eventually.... Which option wins, you already know the answer, right!

Moving on to some music, a few of you would remember the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (Michael Franti (Spearhead) was the front man) and their track "Television the Drug of a Nation", released in 1991. I remember catching the clip while still in primary school. It is still one of those videos that make you pay attention, question the point of hours wasted lounging in front of the box.

My knowledge of all the music out there, although never-ending is still limited, so it was definitely interesting to see that the first incarnation of that drug of a nation track was from Franti’s group before DHOH, called the Beat Nigs. Certainly out there, again it is food for –thought, next time you switch on the tube without a plan or any idea what and for how long you will be sitting and watching.

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