Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ready to snap

The Boogie Dance Cafe is proud to present to you underground maestro Sadar Bahar. Strap on your skates and let’s roll on down to Spanish-town for an exclusive one-off Sydney party featuring Sadar performing a minimum 4 hour dj set.

Sadar, described as “Theo Parrish’s favourite DJ”, has been blowing minds in the Chicago disco and deep-house scene for well over 20 years. As the mastermind behind the legendary Soul in the Hole parties, he spins alongside Lee Collins and Richie Rich to a devoted audience of house-heads and disco divas known affectionately in Chicago as Sadarnites. He also maintained a 15 year residency at the Glenwood Roller Rink.

“Sadar’s audience goes crazy because he's playing to the point where you catch feelings … It's like, `Oh my God, this guy's snapping. " says Boolumaster W of Chicago’s WPWX-FM 92.3. Sadar brings you deep house jams in good hands, seeking out the rarest of grooves to take dancers on a glide to the next level. Sadar will be playing a minimum 4 hour set, but if the man is in his groove he’s goin’ all night long. Prepare for tunes from the deep-beyond.

Sadar is joined by Mikey Miutante (Paradise Lost, Bodega) and Brut 33 (Paradise Lost, Space is the Place), who bring you your weekly Friday night dose of boogie-love at Boogie Dance Café on Eastside Radio 89.7FM.

It’s all going down at our favourite Latin backroom basement haunt, La Campana, on the 9th May. Join us for a jam like no other.
(Brut 33 - Paradise Lost / BDC)

Boogie Dance Café Presents Sadar Bahar (Soul in the Hole)
9 May 11pm till late
$15 on the door
La Campagna
53-55 Liverpool St

Check out this epic tour promo mix from Mr Bahar, for a taste of what to expect this Sat. night.

11th May update: From around 12 am something to close to 6 in the morning, being in the presence of Sadar on the wheels, was akin to being in church. One of the most mindblowing, uplifting, drum heavy, make you dance non-stop sets I have witnessed. Big, big shout out to Sydney's Boogie Dance Cafe and of course the Windy cities DJ Sadar.

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