Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blasting through the speakers

(Artwork by Hysteric)

Late reporting on the latest effort from Gentleman Gene (Genetik) and Debonair P (Polarity) known collectively as Low Budget . Put it down to there are never enough hours in the day to familiarize oneself with all the good music out there, that it took the O this long to go out and grab this. This second long player from the Melbourne, Victorian duo is a mellow, dope, refreshing, cool out, awesome release. P's diverse range of beats, are full of that supreme magnificent disco boogie, electro funk sound. Gentleman G. flows over P's creations effortlessly, speaking on a bunch of everyday topics you can relate to, no matter where you're at, what you do. As always P laces each track with a bunch of lyric quotes cut up proper. Personally this is my favorite album this year so far. Have not listened to a rap record over and over since Def Wish Cast's last long player. Not a fan of speaking on each track on a release, as a listener it ruins the experience to me. Lifelounge decided to stream the album back in February, when it dropped. Do yourself a favour and go listen.

Be sure to check P posting regularly over at the almighty WYDU site.

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