Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some new Knux flavor

So I was umming about posting this coasting mellow dope new track from The KNUX (representing CA via N.O.). The main reason being that it’s most probably been posted on all the other Hip Hop and new music sites that you check on the daily.

Then I thought f it, I’m a fan of the fresh new sounds these guys are bringing to the table. Not new in the sense of out there, but new as in having an original style, swagger and most importantly having a refreshing sound of their own, while paying homage to their influences. To me this is timeless, it may just remind you of that time in your life when you first wore out a mix, song, cut the needle back and fourth on a piece of wax you couldn’t hear enough times on a turntable not meant for scratching. This is that headphone blastin', school lunchtime J break type music, for Hip Hop heads to zone out to, pump in their ride, throw on whatever portable music device they’re rocking. It's that laidback, crack a brew, BBQ, cruisin’ in the whip, summer heat.

Download: The KNUX Fire

Remind Me In 3 Days drops on the 28th

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