Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama vs McCain (the final debate)

If you're not in front of a TV, SBS has live streaming of the last bout, before the voters decide.


rickdog said...

Thanks for the add mate.

I'm always astounded on how much the world follows our politics here in the the US. When traveling to Europe I've found that the average European is more conversant in our politics that the average American, I'm sorry to say. There has been a dumbing down of the populace here, which anyone that's studied fascism knows is crucial for taking over control. There has been a reawakening though, at least for half the population, and it's become clear for we Americans that value true freedom that getting Obama in is essential. The other half, sadly, produces laughing stocks of the world such as Sarah Palin.

rickdog from chewbone

Ollie said...
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Ollie said...

I hear you Rickdog. It's vital that the rest of the world follows what's going on in the US. As what happens there in some way or another has an effect on the rest of us. It's a shame when quite a few Americans have no clue about what's going on overseas, unless it directly affects them right now this instant. Sadly, I don't think it's limited to the US,
the same would be evident anywhere where Capitalism is King!