Sunday, October 5, 2008

Help Mrs Yancey

I meant to post this email from House Shoes sooner:


Maureen Yancey gave birth to one of the greatest producers of our generation, James Yancey aka Dilla. She suffers from Lupus, the same disease which claimed the life of her child. Lupus is an auto-immune disease which results in cell and tissue damage and a host of related medical issues.

Mrs. Yancey is currently struggling to pay for her own medical bills and to keep her household running after the loss of one of her children. She reached out to us in an attempt to contact the fans that were supporters of her son & his music. Please consider donating to her today.

Please note: this is NOT a tax-deductible donation, and this is in no way related to the Dilla Foundation or the estate of James Yancey. There are no administration fees related to your donation. You will be donating directly to Mrs. Yancey. Thank you!

Please use the donate button located on The Giant Peach's myspace

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