Thursday, October 2, 2008

Essential Listening for Hip Hop fiends

The Block radio with Capital P & OG Chino - September 26th, 2008 with Special Guests The Amen Ra of Hip Hop Culture Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmixer DXT, Kimba, Shahiem, Phase II, TC Islam, KD, Ken Swift, Burn One, Taste Crew, Moni & Mike,, Dinco D (L.O.N.S)

As above, in case you missed over at Grand Good


moni said...

Thanks for the friendswelove mention! Check out our site for some videos, music and other goodies. We're posting one later today on street artist Ellis G. Please let us know your thoughts. I'll make sure to come back to a Nickel.
spread love,
moni & mike

Ollie said...

Hi Moni, Hi Mike - just linked to Friends...very cool site there.