Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yeah, yeah this is dope

Sk8Mafia Saturday - August 9th, 2008 - AM Video Trailer

PE's "Prophets of Rage" over some fresh San Diego street skating, can you dig it?

Elsewhere - be sure to check to DJ Mike B's July 6th set from Banana Split he threw up at the home of sporadic nuggets. It has not left the IPod, goes to demonstrate once again Why the Los Angelian is one of the best deejays. He is skilled at the art of building a mix, creating a atmosphere, taking the listener on a journey, a trip.

For anyone who's checked out the "Mothership Reconnetion" podcast, you may think that this is something (doing a flawless, great mix), that I'm still working at. You'd be right!

Good deejays play things in context, pretty musch every track they drop is perfectly beatmixed, blended, dropped, cut up, doubled up (when necessary), not to mention they have an other wordly knowledge of music.

Said it before - any suggestions, requests, constructive criticism you've got for these mixes, let me know folks.

Oh and another thing, shout out to a mate of mine that posed the question to me the other week what would you do without a blog, without a podcast, if you didn't dj? Well aside from my day job.... thinking about it...well Weight Of A Nickel is somthing I can't stop doing, even if I wanted to. I've always had a drive to pass on stuff that blows my mind, is inspiring in the slightest, blogs are just a way to spread all the cool stuff you find to others, whether they're in Sydney or overseas - that's all. Some turn into paying avenues, with adverts, sponsorship and rediculous amounts of traffic, others float through the online quagmire dying slowly.

The podcast, seeking out cool tunes all day, every day - anyone who knows me personally knows that I've been obsessed with music, deejaying since mid high school, that was ten years ago, I'm now in my late twenties. I've never been able to shake it. Although, it's good to say part of the addiction is under control. It's like this, I ain't spinning anywhere, the last time I played out was 06 (if you could call it that), Mothership Recon is an avenue to put out mixes. Yes, the internet is saturated with the same old, same old mixes, that's obvious....

Shit, I hope a couple people out there find a track or two that's spun on the show that they hadn't heard, that they love. I guess that's why I keep perservering cause that feeling of hearing a track for the first time that makes the listener say wow, that's rare these days, to be able to play that track over and over is ever rarer. That's why deejaying, good music, cool 12's are special, cause each time you hear a great song for the first time, the feeling (as y'all know) is pretty much like nothing else.

Before I jet, check out Poni Hoax's "The Bird Is On Fire", "Antibodies" tunes posted over at Missing Toof. I'm loving these songs right now, these guys music sounds just like Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry meets LCD Soundsystem and the result if pretty much classy, sassy, grown folk, shaken martini shaken sipping at a cool club laidback, punk-funk perfection...

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