Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quote of the day

We are in an age of vacuous consumerism, of crap, free newspapers, vapid news channels and a reliance on google. Its a whitewash.

Reclaim opinion! become passionate about something, anything - fashion or stamp collecting. Research it, become an expert. Lets re-open public debate and stop our brains from turning into mush!

...From Rachel, found over at the Active Resistance forum.

I picked up the Vivienne Westwood Dazed abd Confused collaborative issue this morning, very inspiring reading, lots of food for thought.


mushbrain said...

Couldn't agree more..
What is difficult with blogging is that it is such an isolated yet so public activity - whereas being involved in public debate can be quite the opposite:
truly interactive and, in some ways, a more private means to discuss sensitive issues.

Keep up the good work - blogs can feel like talking to a brick wall but some people do discover similar viewpoints..

OLLIE said...

Thanks for the words mushbrain.