Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kidz In The Hall on the Madden 09 OST

So, I can't think NFL without thinking about my man Daniel K. back in High School, who repped the '49ers apparel to the fullest, from memory. Word.

Back to the subject at hand, getting your track chosen from a pool of 4000 songs is fairly impressive. Kidz In The Hall's - "The Blackout" (from their new "In Crowd" lp) was one of the final 26 tracks, selected for the EA Madden NFL OST.

Steve Schnur, worldwide executive for Electronic Arts, stated "we believe that this time next year, Kidz In The Hall will be true Hip-Hop superstars." Personally, I don't doubt such a statement. Congrats to DJ Double O and MC Naledge on the above achievement.

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