Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bringing forth another club banger

Philly is in the building. The World Famous DJ Excel is in the building.

Here's the homies take on Freeway's- Flipside (which features Peedi Crakk) - jawn

One of the few DJ's / producers who makes club music I actually like and whose tracks DON'T sound like a lot of the soulless "Mosquito Music" (*) that's out there.

* Philadelphian DJ/ Hip Hop legend Cosmo Baker of the infamous Rub DJ collective coined this term to my knowledge, while expressing his frustration at the throwaway nature of a lot of new electro based rubbish that's filling the clubs right now.


cosmobaker said...

Excel is a beast.

Ollie said...

Cosmo Baker checking my blog. Never thought i'd see the day. Word.