Monday, May 26, 2008

Beat Check: The Basement Khemist - Vibrate

Brooklyn's DJ Spinna is one of those prolific musicians / producers / deejays whose work could never be labelled under one defintive heading. I've heard complaints that his work sounds the same a lot of the time, to me that could be further from the truth. Just glancing at his body of work on discogs, his productions / mixes are wide ranging whether it's a chilled out yet menacing house slow burner for Lizz Fields, collaborating with NY street culture aficionado Bobbito to unearth a mountain of glorious Stevie jewels, crafting b-boy dynamite in the form of Rock - where I'm going here is Vince W. has an epic body of timeless productions, mixes and collaborations. This is why his name, reputation and work is highly spoken of amongst hip hop, house heads.... to name a few.

So, this next track is one of those really cool Indie Hip Hop instrumentals from the late nineties, (no date listed on discogs, nor on the vinyl itself unfortunately).
The Basement Khemist - Vibrate came out on the US based Beyond Real recordings. One of Spinna's many cosmic, murky, soul embedded masterpieces.

Check it out here

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