Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Side Effect Vol. 1 - DJ Morse Code / DJ B. Cause / DJ King Most

(Artwork by Mike Davis for Burlesque of North America)

Take a listen to this great new mix from three of SF's hardest working DJ's, made to showcase what the Double Dutch club night "Side Effect" is all about!

(Words below from DJ Morse Code on the Low Bee forum.)
"I first approached B.Cause and King Most about doing a weekly funk, soul, disco, and hip hop party in SF in the spring of '07. I had found myself at a point in my career where the commercial gigs were steady, and the occasional in.die dance party provided enough variety to keep me interested in dj'ing, but something was lacking. It was the funk. In the early 00's, there was a stronger presence of funk, soul, and disco parties in SF. Vinyl culture was alive and kicking, and many an afternoon was spent by King Most and I at the Groove Merchant while B.Cause was working the counter, soaking up music knowledge and digging through Cool Chris' freshest new finds. I wanted to start up a night that harkened back to this real appreciation of music, while simultaneously keeping up on new music that fit that particular aesthetic. A few possible names were thrown around until B.Cause came up with the best fit, and Side Effect was born. The night is a reflection of our eclectic styles, having all come up dj'ing in SF. We stay firmly grounded in the true funk appreciation of yesterday and keep an ear to what's fresh, new, and relevant today. This is the sound of what's missing in today's dj culture...enjoy it!!!"

-DJ Morse Code, winter 2008

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