Friday, January 11, 2008

Where to start

Shout to my man DJ Diaz. His weekly Hip Hop online radio show (soon to be podcast) "Tales From The Crates" is most definitely in effect. One of the most skilled DJ's I've had the pleasure of seeing tear it up on the 1 and 2's has been busy on getting this project up and running for a while now. it's well worth the wait. Each episode of "Tales From The Crates" will feature in depth interviews with Hip Hop artists out of this country, new releases that you need to hear, event rundowns and plenty of dope music mixed and doubled-up, cut-up how it should be.

In the first episode Diaz speaks to producer Chasm (Obese Records), DJ Staen-1 (3x Australian DMC Champion) and Scott Burns (who speaks on his forthcoming album "Day One").

Ep 1: Tracklist

intro- Dj Diaz
Koolism - Adrenaline
Rainman - Soul Fire
D.U.B.C - What You Want To Hear
Masta Killa - Old Man
Static Selektah Ft. Doug E. Fresh, Tony Touch, Scram Jones, DP-One, Dj Gi-joe, Dj Revolution & Esoteric - No Mistakes Allowed
The Roots - Stay Cool
Diafrix - African Affair
Resin Dogs feat. Nfa - Move Up
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Worldwide
"Cant Stop Wont Stop NYE - interviews"
Pegz - Propaganda
Muph + Plutonic - Heaps Good
Dj Bonez presents Omni feat. Blade - The Hot
"Scott Burns - interview"
Mos Def feat. Faith Evans - Brown Sugar
J Dilla feat. Ta' Raach & Dj Exile - Say It!
Gift Of Gab - Way Of The Light

Listen / Download

Now onto something completely different

Skins is probably the only program on tv worth switching on the box for right now. It's a raw, uncensored UK cult drama series about the youth of today from the creators of the Shameless series. For anyone who missed episode one which aired over here on SBS at 10pm, on Monday 7th, 2008 / hasn't downloaded the entire series via the torrent for the program, check the video (in five parts) below (which has been on You Tube since August last year.


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