Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dope for the folks

Wishing everyone out there a safe, healthy and successful new year.

Now back to the scheduled program.

Rhythm and Poetry: The Australian Hip Hop Perspective

Chris Read's - "The Diary" (The Worlds Greatest Rap Megamix) is truly AMAZING. 801 Hip Hop jewels from 1979 - 2007 in the effortlessly fresh mix. You need to hear this. Hears what a few DJ's you may of heard of had to say about it:

“Great! I couldn't take it out of the CD player. I just needed to hear what was coming next!"
(Andy Smith - Portishead)
“A tour de force through the history of hip hop. A unique view of hip hop’s golden moments”
(DJ Food - Ninja Tune / Solid Steel)
“Bloody great! One of the best hip hop mixes I’ve heard in years.”
(DJ Format – Genuine Records)
"Oww.This sh*t is stoopid suuuun!! No turn left unstoned! Serious DJs and collectors will swear Chris has been raiding their collection! A mixtape king no question."
(DJ Ollie Teeba - The Herbaliser)
“Megamixing at its finest… Original and essential!”
(DJ Plus One – The Scratch Perverts)
“An amazing piece of work!”
(Mr Thing – Former World DMC Team Champion)
“This mix is bananas! F***ing awesome! The best and some more”
(Marc Hype – Former ITF Champion)
(Quotes from Music Of Substance)

Link: WGRM

I discovered this mix over at DJ Blueprints outstanding blog This Is Tomorrow

Brick City's DJ Nes has generously converted and upped the promotional only "Repeat Offender" half hour video, from the now defunct Stephen Powers founded Hip Hop publication "On The Go", you can check it (in three parts) over at his mighty blog or overhere

Canadian DJ Neoteric's awesome, mighty, bass pounding, dance-floor driven, raw, mind-blowing Mixin It Up

Our Gang 62's documentary on photographer Ernie Paniccioli, entitled The Other Side of Hip - Hop (The Sixth Element)

Below is some classic footage for any overseas readers of DJ A.$.K (Cross Fader Raiders) on the 1 and 2's @ the 1990 NSW DMC DJ Championships, held at the "Fame" nightclub in Ashfield, Sydney, Australia (courtesy of DJ KC over at DJs United)



thisistomorrow said...

hi ollie! thanks for the comment, but most of all a big thank you to chris read for letting me post this great mix... keep up the good work... mike

Anonymous said...

holy shit !

great to see some footage of the young ablist.
word up.

Ollie said...
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