Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is for the DJ

(DJ Tony Tone image from the archives of Joe Conzo via Fact magazine)

Respect due. Everyone wants to be a DJ, but in a time where the music, information and access to how to dvd's on the fundamentals of mixing, scratching and breakbeating is readily available there are only a few who are still keeping the culture alive. This new track from Termanology, produced by Fizzy Womack (Lil' Fame), with cuts from Statik Selektah - The Music Industry (Spine magazine) is so relevant in the revolving door climate in which everything seems to be expendable and in a society where acceptance is often granted nowdays to those who can afford to buy their way into an artform, such as a style of music that developed from a subculture pioneered by the poor that was once dismissed by major labels, corporate entities and the general public as a fad.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yo ollie,

just given you a shout man. been staying up on what your doen. classic material as always. still in the trenches loading in the clips. i will see you very soon my friend.


Ollie said...

Word up D. Keep on rocking. We'll catch up soon man.