Thursday, November 15, 2007

And It Don't Stop

I recieved a cool email out from Hugh Lucero yesterday - a monthly bulletin that he's just started sending out, with links to a couple of recent DJ mixes that you might not have heard, a few of which I've reposted below, descriptions and all. If you want to be added to the mailout, let me know.

Sportscasual (a Reggae Soul mix)
From future funk affiliate Sportcasual, and just in time for summer - let this one ring your bell ..
Tracklist unknown

DJ Shadow Breaks set - Frayerbreaks

Baraka - "Sower of Seeds"
Dennis Olivieri - "I Cry In The Morning"
(George Marsh = "Interview on Percussion")
Alan Hawkshaw - "Countdown"
Roy Wood - "Get on Down Home"
Ron Geesin - "Slow Song"
Sensations Fix - "Strange About your Hands"
(Snippet from the "Starwars Holiday Special")
The Eclectic Mouse - "Pre-Dawn Reprospective Chant"
Chaffey College Jazz "Ensemble - Imagination Flight"
Stardrive - "Stardrive"
Flying Island - "The Vision And The Voice"
David T. Walker - "Never Can Say Goodbye"
(Snippet from the movie "Prince Of Darkness")
The Salvation Co - "The Revival"
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - "Drummer’s Salute"
Leroy Vinnegar - "Reservation"
(Snippet from the movie "Jacobs Ladder")
Marc Z - "Its Easy"
Sensations Fix - "She’s Gonna Grow on you’"
John Cage - "In a landscape" (for Harp)
Dexter Wansel - "A Prophet Named KG"
AB Skhy - "Trackin’ Shoes"
Marcus - "Million Grains of sand"
The Stories - "Brother Louie"
The New Mastersounds - "Drop it Down"
The Daly Wilson Big Band - "2001 Space Odyssey"
BeBe K’Roche - "Alone"
Jo Ann Garrett - "Walk on By"
Ron Geesin - "Concrete Line Up"
Brother Jack McDuff - "Jelly Jam"
Los Incas - "El Condor Pasa"
The Dave Pike Set - "Ritmos Do Bahia"
Tony Church & The Crusade - "Love Trip"
Giant Crab - "The Answer Is No"
Spindrift Libarate - "With Cat like Tread"

Firme Fresh (Hip Hop mix by DJ Seth Dean)

ASP Organization - "Firme Fresh" (Intro)
Richie Rich - "Dont Do It"
Too Short - "Players"
Too Freesh - "Mr Tron"
Kool Rock J - "Notorious"
CMW - "Whos Is It"
Automator/Q-Bert - "Bear Witness III"
Kidz In The Hall - "Wheels Fall Off"
King Tee - "Bass"
Mary Jane Girls - "All Night Long"
Rodney O & Joe Cooley - "This Is For The Homies"
Low Profile - "Alladins On A Rampage"
Geetas - "Gang Related"
Ice T - "Doggin The Wax"
The Mac - "The Game Is Thick"
Big Ocean Mob - "Big Ocean"
PDF Crew - "Do It"
LBC Crew - "Beware Of My Crew"
Pookey Blow - "Earth Break"
Zapp - "Heartbreaker"
J5 - "In The House"
ICEM - "Strictly For The Streets"
South Central Cartel - "South Central Madness"
Ghetto Life/Ghetto Politics - "Keep Me High"
Freddie B - "Trues & Vogues"
Techni-Crew - "Action Packed"
Jewel T - "County Blues"
Mix Master Mike - "Ready On The Right"
Paris - "The Hate That Hate Made"
Paris - "Coffee, Donuts & Death"
415 - "Side Show"
APG Crew - "Back To Back"
415 - "Brothers In A Coupe Ride"

Sweden's Ham (aka S.A.S.A.C.) - mid-late 80s rnb/funk/disco mix. Tracklist posted by S.A.S.A.C. in the comments. You can hear more of his music here

Cake Mix (psych, funky jazz, breakbeats etc.... by Pencilface).

LITTLE BOY BLUES - "echoes of you"
ROCK WORKSHOP - "i think its..."
MANFRED MANN'S CHAPTER 3 - "one way glass"
NYJO - "gate crasher"
SYRIUS - "psychomania"
TOM JONES - "looking out my window"
ZALATNAY - "ki tilija meg"
KATI KOVACS - "varj meg"
MICHAEL PLNAREFF - "ne dams un ice cream"
FARIDA - "il pianoforte"
BJORN J:SON LINDH - "3rd meter stroll"
MICHAEL LONGO - "like a thief in the night"
HARVEY MANDEL - "baby batter"
SYRIUS - "im stretching out my arms"
BERNARD ESTARDY - "vertigo leitmov"
POLISH RADIO ORCHESTRA - "abdul ben omar"
HOWARD BLAKE - "elephant called slowly"
BEMIBEM - "juz ci nigdy nie przyrzekne"
JOE TEX - "i gotcha"
EVEN STEVENS - "music i can feel"
YAMASUKI - "yama yama"
JJ BAND- "requiem for a lost planet"
FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX - "l'homme orchestre"
LES CRANE - "eyes that see"
DRUGI NACIN - "lile su kise"
ZALATNAY - "zold borostyan"
DEVIL'S ANVIL - "karkadon"
SKORPIO - "lead me through the night"
JUICY LUCY - "harvest"
RHINOCERUS - "apricot brandy"
FALLEN ANGELS - "your mother's homesick too"
THE NAZZ - "open your eyes
(NB: Artists in caps / tracks in lower case, cause that's how they appeared in the email)

Editors in Chief mix - Jonny Paycheck & Friends
Repost of a cut and paste mix from a few months back, if you missed it then get it now, breakface alert!

On another note anyone who wants to send through mixes, edits, music for feature on this blog, hit up my email.


s.a.s.a.c. said...

whatsup man, i'm the bloke named Ham, actually i go by s.a.s.a.c., you can find my music here:

here's the tracklist to the mix:

marcus miller - juice
bb&q band - dreamer
de de - s&m (rated x)
shannon - sweet somebody
audrey wheeler - irresistable
change - oh what a feeling
angelica chaplin - best of you
marcus miller - i could give you more
adele bertei - build me a bridge
michael sterling - desperate
george duke - king for a day
shalamar - my girl loves me
brothers johnson - do you
howard johnson - so tuff

Ollie said...

Thanks for the clarification S.A.S.A.C.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed that cake mix bro. public transport has never sounded so dope. ha ha.

pencilface said...

ha -- where'd you get my mix from?

glad people are enjoying it -- i do one every month or so of my new digs.


Ollie said...

Thanks to everyone who's dropped a comment thus far, doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Peace!

DJARN said...

Yo loving that firme fresh mix probably because my cousin made it we just posted it and we got lots more come check it out!!