Monday, September 3, 2007

Time is too expensive

Urb have made a new addition to their site, entitled Hive. Quite simply, it's another place online you'll find yourself visiting on a regular basis (along with the litany of other sites, blogs, social networking sites and email accounts that seem to take up more and more of your time). On a related note, Yussel posted up an interview with Q-Tip from Tom Breihan of the (Village Voice on the Status Ain't Hood blog), which you should definitely take a look at.

Leaving the virtual world (not really), I've been missing radio. Listening back to demos and recordings of programs that are no longer or never got any further than the first show, there's definitely a feeling of spontaneity to it, that you get when skimming through old recordings. They are snapshots of a period of time in it's purest form. You find yourself questioning what you dropped in a set and why, possibly cringing when you hear the mix back and focussing on where you mispronounced a word, artist or album title.

Radio is about personalites, the music being spun and the overall atmosphere of the program. Sydney radio is lacking in all of these departments, especially stations and hosts whose programs are aimed at the youth. The presenters (pick a station) all sound like they've been cut from the same cloth while the playlists fail to inspire or shed light on anything that wasn't blogged about months in advance / caned by DJ's (so by the time it reaches the airwaves it's already past it;s used by date.) It feels as though you're sinking into a void of complacency when listening (it's a world where one finds themself saying "this cycle of mediocre music and commentary is a normal and acceptable occurence.")

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