Friday, August 31, 2007

Just another case of that old pta

Here's the latest edition of Gator$-n-FUR$ radio with your hosts J-Zone & Chief Chincilla.

As Zone states all things school is the science we're dealing with here.

'September. Labor Day sales, the return of Monday Night Football and more importantly, school, for those of us still there. Even if you ain't, you got plenty of memories. To all the kids, stay in school or you'll wind up like my co-host Chief Chinchilla making rainbow sprinkles for a living. 60 minutes of school themed music for everyone from nerds to truants to med school kids that'll never pay off the loans those in college "just for the ho*s" like dude with the pacifier from Boyz N Tha Hood. Word to 50 Cent's grape vitamin water (that s**t is amazing...fortified bug juice...I'm hooked), get you a edumacation!'

Article on Zone from Slam magazine.

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