Monday, July 30, 2007

Think Back.

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, stumbed out and got rid of any plans that had been made for the day in the process.

Next to everything, that I'm striving for right now, is giving me a headache (pissing in the wind), is the equivalent phrase that comes to mind. Far from complainng about it, though.

Been speaking to a friend who's doing her HSC (High School Certificate). Just thinking how life has changed. That whole time is one giant blur (except for memories of copping the Lootpack LP - 'Da Antidote: Soundpieces' on wax from 'Next Level Records' (highly influential haunt, spot that became defunct a few years back now, Sydney's got 'Soul Clap Records' holding it down in 2007). From memory I went to a film beforehand, but that's all hazy. Was it a James Bond flick?). Honestly, it took real long to sink in that six years of High School were a wrap.

Thinking back to the dreaded exams, back in 1999 when Shakespeare quotes were intertwined with all sorts of posters on my wall. The HSC was a mountain akin to Mount Kilimanjaro (refuse to reference Everest). But despite all the study, the stress and the ocassional sleepless night, things seemed simpler then for real. There were no mobiles, no internet, no 'My Space', no mp3's, no blogs. You get the picture.

It was hard enough putting a lid on an obsession with Hip Hop that was fairly out of control at the stage, only to become off the wall, even further as the years went on. That time is still vivid, it was a juxtaposition of longing to hear 'Stretch and Bobbito' on the air, rap magazines, scattered 'TDK's', 'Maxwell's' and 'BASF's' on the bedroom floor, songs that had you saying ' what the hell is that', 'who's that group' and maybe the ocassional piece of good clothing.

Polo wasn't as common in Sydney then as it is back now. Remember being in awe of all the dope gear when I was in London and then Edinburgh (Scotland) in 1998. There were stares from the locals in Harrods when we went in for a browse (a few back - packers (not referring to the overused, cliched, rap termanology).

In those same years I was skating in the CBD. Good times. 'Half Cab' was the first trick of the day. 'The PIT' was the place to be.

Shout out to Gibo if you're reading this. He put a lot of people onto (lo). Have to also send a shout (in no order) to Ben, Mark, Rod, Evan, Jamahl, Taizo, Dean, Asuka, Danny, Alfons, Benny, Nobu, Davo, Mick, Sid, Dean, Aaron, Jesse, Charlie, Stafford, Brendon, Daine, Ari, Steven, Dixon, Mike, Sean, Gene, Simon, to name a few. Hope you're all doing well.

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