Monday, July 30, 2007

In Motion

Alright so it's going down like this. Randomly going to think of a video, an artist and then post it up here for you to see.

First up, Josie Stingray - 'Doin' My Thing' live (courtesy of Prefix Mag)

Ed.OG & Da Bulldogs - 'Be A Father To Your Child' (Embedding disabled by 'Universal Music Group').

I've gotta speak on this track. Seriously, it's rare that someone makes music as meaningful as this in 2007.

Apart from a few artists, Rap is a cesspool right now. All the record labels, so called dj's, magazines pumping out, supporting garbage and that's what it is. You want to know why music sales are falling (this has been said everywhere ad nauseum, but needs to be said again), it's because honestly the majority of this music released is garbage. It's throw away. Worse for the listener than fast food. Yet the same videos, the same parody's of what white rich men heading these organisations deem popular seem to flood every nook, cranny, airwave, video show out there, over and over again.

In a Cool Eh interview with Hank Shocklee (Bomb Squad / Public Enemy), Shocklee said it best in when he stated that consumers are much more music savvy then they've ever been and that this is reflected in the way that music is bought and the manner in which it is taken in, in 2007.

Who remebers the excitement of going out and copping an album on the day it was released? That energy is dead. The feeling is non - existant. The listening experience, the ripping the shrinkwrap off the cover...those days are a thing of the past. Yo buying a song for a dollar or two off 'iTunes' isn't the same as going to store and knowing that what you're about to cop is dope from the intro to the bonus track. Listening to a classic on vinyl for the first time, particularly a (newly discovered '12, you find great) beats buying an album just because you're bombarded with songs and video's off the album and spending hours looking through old records just to find one you've thirsted for for years or didn't know about....that's (you know the rest). It's a feeling that can never be duplicated by being told what to buy (no matter how convincing the press is).

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