Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hollertronix #7 is essential

The Boogie Down Bottle Nose Dolphins are DJ's Eli & Diplo.

They've just dropped a slamming, tectonic plate shifting, earthquake causing (Insert airhorn here) EP (under Hollertronix - 'Hollertronix #7' on the 'Money Studies' label).

Here's Turntable Lab's take on the EP.

'The seventh volume of the landmark Hollertronix 12" series introduces us to the Boogie Down Bottle Nose Dolphins, a new tag-team consisting of Diplo and NYC's DJ Eli Escobar (who also has a Money Lotion release in the works). Always one step ahead, this series introduces us to the next manifestation of the Bmore edit with six stone cold party tracks for the brains and ears. The strange concoction 'Betty(1)' is our immediate favorite here, and helps us remember why this series is so jocked. Diplo then follows up his classic 'Goldigger' remix with a remix of the new Kanye-Daft Punk track 'Stronger(2).'

Lastly, unpredictable as ever, Eli digs into the Trax vault for a remix of Ralphie Rosario's 'You Used to Hold Me(3).' DJ Eli, whose known amongst his club DJ brethren for his edits, delivers the no-brainer club bangguhs to earn those paychecks. First up, check the Dolphins' remix of 'DANCE(4)' by those French doods, then a riot-causing MJ remix(5), and finally a Diplo remix of 'Groove Is In The Heart(5).' Need we say more? Recommended'.

If you're in Toronto (ON, Canada) tonight make sure you get a long to the launch of the EP.

Held at 'The Social'. Details below.

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